All Women and Girls

We are a Nottingham based charity with a mission to empower and support vulnerable women and girls who are at risk of  domestic abuse, sexual discrimination or harassment in the workplace, and honour based violence.


Although we are dedicated to helping ALL women and girls who need our support, we focus on aiding women and girls from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds in the UK, especially in Nottingham and the East Midlands. Find out why.

Our Ethos

Why Focus on BAME Communities?

Due to cultural differences and language barriers, women and girls from black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities in the UK are less likely to be able to access the help and support they need to get out of an abusive situation, whether at home, or in the workplace. There is also evidence to suggest under-policing and under-reporting of violence against women and girls within minority communities, due to cultural sensitivity.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is characterised by patterns of controlling, coercive, threatening or violent behaviour in the home, usually by family members or partners. The types of abuse are varied but can encompass psychological, physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse. The victim is often made to feel like they’re the one to blame for the abuser’s behaviour, which can often lead to domestic abuse going unreported.

Sexual Discrimination or Harassment in the Workplace

Gender based harassment, bullying, or unfair treatment in the workplace is classed as sexual discrimination. According to studies, women are significantly more likely to experience gender-based bullying and sexual harassment. BAME women can often face both racial and gender based discrimination, compounded by stereotypes around race, gender and class.

Honour Based Violence

Honour based violence occurs when the perpetrator believes a relative has shamed the family or community by breaking the honour code of a particular cultural or religious belief. It’s distinguished from other forms of violence as it’s often committed with some degree of approval from other family or community members. For young victims it is a form of child abuse and in all cases is a serious abuse of human rights.

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How You Can Help


We’re looking for a team of people who can help us out during the early stages of this project. Click below to read about the kind of roles we’re looking for, or get in touch to offer your support in any way you can.


Any donation, large or small, would go directly towards providing support for vulnerable women and girls in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. Click below to find out how your financial support could be used.